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Derry Borough Municipal Authority
620 North Chestnut Street
Derry, PA 15627

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Current Water System Status

The Derry Municipal Authority will be flushing water mains in several areas of our Distribution system beginning March 12, 2018. Flushing will occur from 8am-3pm. Customers may experience intermittent periods of cloudy water during flushing. Please share!
Last Update March 12, 2018

The Municipal Authority
of the Borough of Derry

Welcome to the official web site for the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Derry in Derry, Pennsylvania. The Authority currently provides water service to approximately 2,500 customers in Derry Borough and Derry Township. In addition, the Authority provides wastewater services to 1,150 customers within the Borough of Derry.

In 1952, the Authority purchased the water system serving the Borough of Derry and adjacent areas of Derry Township, from the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County. The water system consists of a 1.25 MGD water treatment plant which treats surface water collected in the Upper and Lower McGee Run water dams located on Derry Ridge. The water is then piped to Ethel Springs Lake. The water treatment plant processes the water from Ethel Springs Lake under Permit No. 5650049. The current production is an average of 600,000 gallons per day.

In January 2011, the Authority purchased the Derry Borough sewer system from Derry Borough. The system consists of a wastewater treatment plant which has an average design capacity of .654 million gallons per day (MGD) and a maximum capacity of 1.6 MGD and wastewater collection system.

In addition, the Authority is co permittee with Derry Borough and assists with managing the Derry Borough MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) program.

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Derry Borough Municipal Authority
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm
at the Water Authority Office Complex
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