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Derry Borough Municipal Authority
620 North Chestnut Street
Derry, PA 15627

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Plumbing Requirements for MABD
Water Service Lines and Meter Installations

  • Service lines will be either type K soft copper or CTS/200 plastic
  • Service lines will be a minimum size of ¾”
  • Fittings will be brass compression or flared
  • No solder joints, glued joints or Tees will be permitted underground
  • Service lines will be a minimum of 4’ deep and be backfilled with select fill or rock dust to a minimum depth of 1 foot over the pipe
  • Service lines other than copper will be copper tubing size (CTS) and have a 200 PSI rating.  Stiffeners must be installed at fittings.  Only brass fittings and stainless steel clamps will be permitted on plastic lines.  Nylon or plastic fittings or connectors are not permitted on plastic service lines
  • All materials must be approved by the Authority
  • Service lines over 100’ in length or residences without basements will require an outside meter setting (meter pit) with a frost free double lid
  • Trenches will remain open until inspected by the Authority
  • No physical connection will be permitted between the plumbing system served from the Authority’s system and private source such as wells or cisterns.  Customers must ensure that no potential cross-connection exists
  • Dual cartridge check valves will be required for back-flow prevention
  • Shut off valves before and after the meter will be required
  • Meters will have outside touch pad readers connected with a wire to the meter
  • Water Meter Installation Diagram PDF

Sewer and Lateral Lines Installation Details

See Diagram

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