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Derry Borough Municipal Authority
620 North Chestnut Street
Derry, PA 15627

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Rate Schedule

March 2014


The following rates and charges will apply for water service rendered by the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Derry.


    (a) Connection Charges - Applications for a water service connection to premises not previously served must be accompanied by payment of the following charges in compliance with Act 203.



3/4 Inch Service   

1 Inch Service

Connection Fee



Existing System Fee



Distribution Portion Fee






* Plus cost of installation    

For service lines larger than 1" the charge will be the actual cost to the Authority for installation of the line, plus the cost of the meter and meter housing if necessary.  The minimum charges for lines larger than 1" are as follows:

 *For a 2" service line  


*For a 4" service line


*For a 6" service line


*For a 8" service line


*Plus cost of installation

Where the pipeline serving the property was constructed under Rule 13 (a) special connection charge computed in accordance with paragraph 4 (e) of this Rate Schedule will apply.

     (b) Outside Meter Settings (in accordance with Rule 7(e) - Where outside meter settings are requested by the customer or required by the Authority an additional fee will apply as indicated  below for the size of meter installed.  Service lines 100' or longer in length will require an outside meter setting.

Meter Size

Outside Setting Fee

5/8" x 3/4"




Larger than 1"

          Actual cost or $3,000.00         

           whichever is larger

2.     MONTHLY SERVICE CHARGES (in accordance with Rule 8)

      (1)   Metered Customers:

(a) Minimum Charges - The following schedule of minimum charges shall apply to all metered customers according to the size of meter installed.

Meter Size

Monthly Minimum

5/8” x 3/4"














For minimum charges the customer will be entitled to the use of water at the rates indicated below, up to the minimum.

(b) Consumption Charge - The water rate schedule for water service is as follows and the rate per 1000 gallons for all water used will apply except where the minimum charge governs as indicated above.

Up to 3,000 gallons used per month minimum as listed above.


Charge per 1,000 gallons used

Any usage over 3,000 gal. minimum


Sewage Rates

Minimum charge $44.00

Any usage over 3,000 gal. minimum


*There is also a $1.00 monthly service charge added to every bill*

3.  FIRE PROCTECTION SERVICE - (in accordance with Rules 5 and 8).
(Payable Quarterly in Advance)
For all fire protection service the following annual minimum charges and unit rates shall apply:

For a 1" service line

$20.00 per annum

For a 2" service line

$50.00 per annum

For a 4" service line

$200.00 per annum

For a 6" service line

$400.00 per annum

For a 8" service line

$600.00 per annum

The customer shall be entitled to use the number of hydrants, hose connections, or sprinkler heads that are covered by the minimum charge, for the size of service line employed, and all over this number shall be billed at the following unit rates, excepting that where a single private fire hydrant is served separately through a hydrant branch direct from the water main in the street, it shall be billed at the said unit rate.

For Each ... Standard

    Fire Hydrant:

  $100.00 per annum

    Hose Connection:

        2-1/2" or less

   $50.00 per annum

        Sprinkler Head     

     $0.10 per annum

An appropriate fire meter shall be installed, at customer expense, on all exclusive fire service lines, except in the case of hydrants attached directly to the street main, or the Authority may permit the use of a detector check valve with bypass and telltale meter.

The customer shall understand that a charge for private fire protection service is mainly a compensation for standing ready to serve and that for said charge the use of water is not contemplated, except for actual extinguishing of fire, and if used otherwise an actually or estimated charge will be imposed.

All cost in connection with the installation required for private fire protection, including any fire meter or detector check valve installation shall be paid by the customer.


(a)  $1.00 per month for all customers.

(b) For a supply of water for residential construction purposes - $24.00 per unit.

(c) For meter tests in accordance with Rule 8(h):

5/8" x 3/4" and 1"


Larger than 1"

       Actual Cost


(d) For restoration of service after a violation in accordance with Rules 8(d) and 11(b) - $50.00.

(e) For main line extensions in accordance with Rule 13, a prospective customer or developer shall deposit a sum equal to the Authority's estimated cost per foot of construction and materials, which costs shall include factors of unusual construction conditions, rock or other extraordinary items of cost which may be required under the circumstances of the extension request.  The said cost of line extension shall include, where appropriate, overhead costs of the Authority.

Should the amount of deposit required above exceed the actual cost of the line extension, such excess shall be refunded to the customer or developer so that the total cost will be no more than the actual cost.  Should the amount of deposit required above be less than the actual cost, such deficiency shall be due and payable by the customer or developer immediately upon completion of the line extension so that the total cost will be no less than the actual cost.

(f)  Special Connection Charges - Property owners requesting service from a water line extension installed in accordance with Rule 13 will be required to pay a special connection charge shown in Paragraph 1 of the Rate Schedule plus an amount which bears the same ratio to the total amount initially paid under Paragraph 4(d) as the property frontage bears to the total frontage of property which is or will be served by the line extension or an amount equal to one share where extension cost were on a per share basis.

(g)  For other special services the charges will be fixed by the Authority in accordance with the service to be rendered; as found in Resolution No. 108 adopted by the Authority on May 8, 1991 and on file in the Authority Office.

(h)  NSF Checks


(i)  Service calls during normal working  hours  


(j)  Service calls after normal working hours

Actual cost;
$30.00 minimum

(k)  1% per month service fee on all unpaid invoices for labor and materials

(l)  A charge of $25.00 will be added where it is necessary to post the property for delinquent accounts.

Last Updated: May 17, 2016

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